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Bio-Heating Units

Alfreq Company provide three types of bio-heating units differ in terms, in shape, mode and operation system:

How the system works:

It convert dry biofuels (wood pellet) into fire can be used in:

1- houses

2- hospitals

3- commercial organizations

4- schools & institutes

The advantages of using bio-heating units:

Energy efficient and low cost to operate up to 50 % power

Economic consumption

Easy to handle and operate

Uncomplicated maintenance, simple components.

Safe up to 50% compared with heating with electricity or petroleum derivatives. 1-

Heating can distribute evenly into irregularly dimensional places and which covers a wider area with heat.

Featuring a stylish design fits with any decor place.

Have no harm to the environment. 

100 % safe.  

Different operating systems, you can choose what suits you best

Different types of heating systems:

1- central system: suitable for heating of 500 m.s.

2- mobile heating unit 6 : suitable for heating of 100 m.s.

3- mobile heating unit 4 : suitable for heating 50 m.s

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