Engineering Industries factory

Engineering Industries factory

In order to produce machines in a high technological quality and efficiency, we keep searching & developing to reach the highest levels in quality & qualifications.

In our Engineering Industries Factory , we proud with our machine collections, we produce the following:

Production lines and recycling waste chop:

– wood & trees wastes recycling lines

– agricultural wastes such as (straw, firewood, Owalh corn, palm fronds) chop machines 

– chop and waste squeeze machines 

Sawdust machines:

– wrapped production lines

– Hydraulic presses 

– different kinds of sawdust machines

Coal lines :

– Compressed charcoal lines and coal waste recycling 

wood pellet production lines :

– Ring Dye & Flat Dye mills

– wood pellet Lighters 

– wood pellet ovens

– Dairy boilers

Bio heating systems:

– Bio-heating systems

– Heaters for houses and villas

Machines and other equipments:

– Conveyor loading and unloading of all kinds

– Silos and cooling cyclones 

– Feed mixers and presses

– grain and salt screen

– Chop ice machines