The alternative energy … Biofuel

   Due to the fact that fossil fuels is  non-renewable energy , will run out one day, so we have to look for alternative sources provide us with our needs of energy and helps to solve the problems that we faced with fossil fuels, ex: the high prices and the monopoly of organizations as a tool of economic pressure on certain countries.

  Because energy has become the most important pillar of our life we have to search for suitable alternatives for a clean and safe future. Western countries have tended to look for alternatives for oil and its derivatives, and through out several successful tests and reached the so-called bio-fuel derived from many of our surrounding natural resources.

Some of Arabic countries started in theses searches & achieved success.

CNN Arabia published in Tuesday on 23/04/2013:

    A study about the use of biofuels to run vehicles for the first time in Sudan in Kenana in White Nile state, and also it is the second of its kind in the continent of Africa.

 The new product’s name is “Nile Ultra I 10 ,” which is less expensive than normal oil and less harmful to the environment .

So we as Alrfeq for Engineering Industries and biofuel decided to join the race and provide what we can do for the whole world through a series of researches & studies showing us how can we deal with all the materials around us.

    Egypt , for example, has tons of agricultural wastes that can be recycled into biofuel, can also produce millions tons of wood pellet from wood wastes or sawdust, which are spread in some towns of Egypt.

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