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Wastes Chop Machines


Waste Chop machines for different kinds of raw materials ( wood and agricultural waste ) the machine can be adjusted depending on the type of raw material used) as follows: 

Pasha machine 1:

Chop rice straw , diesel engine ,have a number of knives behind the dolphin pull 2 mounted on the same four large wagon wheels for easy movement in agricultural soil

Pasha 2 machine :

Cotton stalks are cut into small pieces operate diesel engine and the cutting knives installed behind the clouds dolphins, the machine installed on the four-wheel vehicle

Kai 5 machine :

Chop corn stalks , bread, and other things working with free centralism hammers, including three different sizes depending on the production capacity

Kai 4 machine :

Chop bagasse, cardboard and palm fronds and other things, working with decentralization system knifes; working with two different speeds can be controlled by the product on.

Bellas R machine :

Chop plastic  , made from high raw materials manufacturers fit the purpose for which bears the number of hours run offline is up to 30 h.

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