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Why we use sawdust in many products ?

sawdust usages

Sawdust one of the raw materials that used in many different fields, such as :

The ability to maintain the degree of animal heat, poultry & ostrich farms

horse stables

in heating industry and wood pellets

in farms to fertilizing agricultural land

Why we use sawdust in many products ?

Low price comparing with the rest of materials.

Easily found in any place where the wood industries founded.

Lightweight and ease of handling.

The ability to absorb wetness and hide acrid odors.

The possibility of the entry of air between the crust and get the process of ventilation

Easy to be clean later.

Contain a very acceptable smell, which works to cover up the acrid smells.

Our production of Sawdust

The company has a very large quantities of sawdust, and we are ready to supply any quantities to all the countries of the world.

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