Wood pellets factory

Wood pellets factory

    In order to offer a unique product distinctive within the market. This what we used to do it all as workers, technicians and supervisors within the Wood pellets factory.

 Our factory’s capacity is of 8 tons per shift, capabilities allow us to produce more than one product a time also we have different storage silos.

The most productivity species in our opinion is the pure wood pellet, which is clear of any additions (sawdust only). Currently we are seeking to increase production as the company has added 2 mills with a capacity of production of 2 tons hour.

Species of our production lines

  • hard wood pellets from gasoline trees.  (Rice straw, firewood, Corn sticks, bagasse, palm fronds)
  • pellet manufacturer of cardboard and paper wastes

 There are new additions to more types of pellet company is trying to reach out to the highest level required and produce a high calories product, which will achieve a breakthrough in alternative energy and the whole world will affected by

* Packing methods

1. Fill in plastic bags weigh 25 kg bag

2. Fill in wooden boxes 50 * 50 * 70

3. Packing in poly packages 90 * 175 cm high

We have large quantities of different types and are ready to supply all the countries of the world